Letter to Parents

Christopher Webb, 3-D Art Teacher
El Capitan High School 619-938-9203
10410 Ashwood Street
Lakeside, CA 91940

Dear Parent/Guardian,

3-D Design is a two-semester course in Fine Arts based on the District Curriculum Concepts and The California Visual Arts Standards, which include the development of:
1. Aesthetic perception skills
2. Creative expression in a variety of media
3. Knowledge of our art heritage, both historical and cultural
4. Aesthetic discrimination, analysis, interpretation and judgement
5. Connections to the other curriculum, life experiences and career paths
Students will create art using the basic elements of design as they relate to the three-dimensional form and space. Media may include clay, wood, fiber, metal, glass, paper and other materials.

1. The class will begin when the bell rings. Students are expected to be in their assigned seats and ready to work. El Capitan guidelines will be followed as described in the student behavior code in regard to truancies and tardies.
2. Student and Teacher will respect the rights and properties of others, especially the right to learn and instruct.
3. NO GUM OR FOOD is allowed in the classroom for health reasons. This will be enforced.
4. Art students will do all their own work.
5. All students share the responsibility for daily cleanup of the art room
6. The willful damage or theft of another student’s work will result in an immediate referral.
7. EXTRA CREDIT is possible only if all required assignments are complete.
8. NO LATE WORK or retakes of tests will be accepted or allowed the last two weeks of the semester.

1. First classroom disruption = verbal warning
2. Second classroom disruption = call home to parents and record incident on a referral form
3. Third classroom disruption = Referral to Assistant Principal and assigned ISA
4. Fourth classroom disruption = Student removed from class

ß All materials for assigned work will be furnished without charge. Since these materials are provided to complete the class, they are the property of the Grossmont Union District. This means that the student’s art may be saved by the teacher for examples or for the district art show in the spring.
ß Students who want to do independent artwork, above and beyond the required work will be able to purchase extra materials at cost.
ß A locked drawer is available with a deposit of $5.00 to be refunded at the end of the year upon return of the lock and a clean drawer.

This class is a studio/lab experience. Grades will be given for each studio assignment.
Students should expect an oral critique, a written test and a final exam.

“A” STUDENT – has excellent attendance – always follows directions – hands in all assignments on time – always participates in classroom critiques –knows the basic vocabulary of the Elements and Principles of Design, demonstrating an understanding of these theories and concepts in their art – artwork shows originality – excellent craftsmanship – consistently helps with cleanup – does exemplary work

“B” STUDENT – has good attendance – follows directions – hands in all assignments - participates in classroom critiques – knows the basic vocabulary of the Elements and Principles of Design – artwork shows originality – craftsmanship is good - helps with cleanup

“C” STUDENT – has good attendance –follows directions – hands in 90% of the assignments – occasionally participates in classroom critiques – makes good use of time – knows the basic vocabulary of the Elements and Principles of Design – artwork meets the minimum requirements – helps with cleanup

“F” STUDENT – has more than 10 absences (not made up or excused) –doesn’t follow directions– hands in incomplete assignments – doesn’t participate in classroom critiques – has no understanding of the basic vocabulary of the Elements and Principles of Design - copies or steals other students work –disrupts the learning environment – rarely helps with cleanup

You will be notified by two progress reports prior to the semester grades as the level of performance by your child. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me before 9AM or after 2:20 PM at 619 938-9204
Or by email chwebb@guhsd.net


Christopher Webb