Saturday, March 6, 2010

Let the blogging begin!

To encourage your personal creativity you are being asked to pair unconventional images and ideas together, transforming ordinary images and ideas into extraordinary, exciting and unique artwork.
Can you imagine elephants as ballet dancers?

Heinrich Kley, The Dancers, pen and ink, published in The Drawings of Heinrich Kley, New York: Dover Publications, 1961.
Can you visualize a hippo as a ballerina?
Walt Disney paired hippos with ballerinas in Fantasia. Check out this URL to see them dance.
Can you imagine frogs rollerblading
bugs as bionic machines
spoons as airplanes
pencils as artists
shoes as pets
cellphones as cars?

Create a list of paradoxical comparisons similar to the list above.
Post your list to inspire other student's imagination.

Visualize one of your paradoxes or one from another classmate's post and make a drawing, cartoon, collage or write a very descriptive paragraph.
Post your concept so others can share your vision.

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